Established May, 2021
  • Why you need NEWSBOY

  • Call it micro-media

  • It’s about empowerment

Why you need NEWSBOY

As a subscriber you benefit from post-meeting and pre-meeting coverage written in NEWSBOY style and perfect for email reading.

Plenty of doom and gloom goes around these days and it’s nice to sometimes read about nature, music or staycations.

The fight against the county’s illegitimate fees for public records began in NEWSBOY about two months sooner than other online publications!

Call it micro-media

What I offer is about 10 new monthly emails and access to the website.

NEWSBOY is supported by the sale of paid subscriptions and you won’t find any advertisements, ever.

You should agree that information you cannot get anywhere else is worth paying for.

It’s about empowerment

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. You can look forward to using NEWSBOY to help yourself, a business or your community.

Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. Simply put, you can now get ahead of policies and projects before passage by a board or council.

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Reporting from Willits, California.